Cleaning & Restoration

Yes, We can clean upYes, We can repairIn our full service facility we offer master rug repair and restoration as well as professional hand wash rug cleaning. Rug restoration business lies between regular cleanings and periodic maintenance where both are essential for preserving the beauty and structural integrity of antique and new rugs. Minor repair can benefit all rugs. Repairing and reinforcing weak areas can prevent the damage from expending which can prolong the longevity of any handmade rug. Our business approach to antique rug repair and restoration procedures allows us to create repairs that are nearly undetectable. Common restoration services include general cleanings, repairing fringes, recovering selvages, and reknotting damaged or missing patterns. When appropriate, we also undertake intensive repair and restoration efforts, including repiling worn areas and rebuilding the warp and weft. We periodically serve restoration and cleaning services to our clients. For cleaning we use only natural materials. Each rug needs different treatment for cleaning. First we examine the rug, stabilized the damaged areas, clean all the dirt and dry soil and spot clean any stains before washing process. We clean each rug with proper attention.

If you have any questions about cleaning ans restoration process, or if you would like to get a quote for your rug, please give a call at (970) 926-3401 or send us an email.